Creating stronger communities through healthier individuals 

Here at Lettuce, we strive to encourage healthy lifestyles through our #LettucePledge and community programs that support it.   Take the Pledge today by posting on our Social Media platforms!   Announce yourself and state that you are taking the pledge!  You can choose to fulfill that pledge on your own or through our many supportive programs.  We offer nutritional coaching, nutritional workshops, grocery store tours, life coaching support, fitness classes, weight loss challenges, and more.  Each community provides differing programs, so click on your Location and see what is offered near you!   Have we not expanded to your area yet?  Interested in having us grow near you?  Contact us and let us know.  The more support that we have in any given area before we launch programming, the better!   


Enjoy clicking around our site to find a fun new recipe, free programming near you, online nutritional coaching support, health blogs, and of course or pledge and sponsor who help make it all come true.   

Thank you for all of your support.  And remember…. Eat Healthy.  Live Happy!