Kelly Zielinski


Upon graduation from Michigan State University in 2005, Kelly lived in various states working in management positions resulting in District Manager for Domino’s Pizza.  This is where she learned that although food was a passion of hers, she was spending her time on the wrong side of the spectrum. She wanted to spend her time educating others on the health benefits of foods rather than simply selling it. She gave up her career to go back to school and learn the science behind food and how it effects our bodies. Since 2012, Kelly has volunteered her time as a nutritional counselor focusing on family and friends and on low-income sectors of Detroit and Lansing. Realizing that her work was not reaching a large enough population and that most of the easily accessible information about health and diet can be misleading, she focused on creating our non-profit corporation, Lettuce Live Well. Today, when Kelly has a rare moment not dedicated to LLW, she can be found cooking, working out, studying health and wellness at Michigan State University, and volunteering her time in different underserved communities

Ashley Corinne Logan

Vice President, Secretary

Since her graduation from Hillsdale College with a degree in biology, Ashley has been working as a nutritional counselor and medical assistant for a weight loss clinic associated with Harper Bariatric Medical Institute. She is passionate about giving people the education and motivation they need to achieve their goals. Ashley is dedicated to LLW and helped found the corporation in hopes of changing the nutritional background of our communities. In her spare time, Ashley enjoys volunteering and participating in sports such as sailing, skiing, and running

Denise Loveless

Treasurer, Utah Director

I currently live in Salt Lake, Utah.  When I’m not running a household, changing diapers, teaching my preschooler to write or rubbing people’s feet ( I’m a foot zoner),  I’m working on this site and gathering information to share with you.   I have had my own health journey through the years; working with gym promotional companies, developing weight loss programs, working as an ISSA personal trainer, managing a gym, learning to foot zone and the list goes on and on. My 5 year dream goals are to compete in a dance competition, perfect the selfie, beat my husband in laser tag, hire a house cleaner, and take over the world.  I’m happy to have you join me on this healthy adventure.