Children have a vivid imagination! They take in the world and describe a lot of it in colors or emotions that they see. A great idea for kids that could help provide a better connotation for healthy foods could be the Color Game. At meals, whether this is for breakfast, lunch, a snack or dinner, the Color Game could be implemented.

The age group this game could most benefit from may range from a child that is almost two years old to possibly young teens. The purpose of the Color Game is to brighten the significance of children eating healthy foods, make a fun activity out of it, and giving the kids an incentive to look forward to being involved at dinner with food that is pleasing and fun for them to eat! This can also be enjoyable for the adult as well, who can choose the topic whether the colors of food in a meal are vegetables, fruits, etc. Also the occurrence of the game each day can be decided upon the parent or childcare provider for the food game system. Though, I recommend at least once a day, this game be associated with a meal.

Here is an example that I did at home. It was simple and fun, I landed on blue and yellow the first night. Although I did not currently have yellow fruit or vegetables at the time, I placed the blue fruits in a yellow bowl. The second night I spun green and orange! An activity as simple as this game could greatly influence how children and families eat together.

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