Little Lettuce League (LLL)  is a division of Lettuce Live Well that aims to inspire the tri-county community youth to learn about healthy lifestyle habits while encouraging the continued practice of these habits. Through the use of interactive instruction, with particular emphasis on nutrition, fitness, and healthy living, LLL instills the importance of healthy eating and activity habits. LLL partners with various community organizations as well as schools in the Lansing area to provide nutritional workshops and opportunities for physical activity.

Who? When? Where?

WHO: Children aged 17 and younger

WHAT: Nutritional workshops that promote healthy eating and lifestyle habits

WHERE: Multiple locations including local schools, parks & rec, and libraries

WHEN: Three times a year (Fall, Winter, and Spring) lasting no longer than 1 hour

We have developed a nutrition education program that caters to children by zeroing in on eating a balanced diet in accordance with MyPlate.

Currently, many Americans do not know how exactly to read a nutrition label which is causing 77% of obese children to remain obese as adults.

For this reason, we teach children how to read a nutrition label, and discuss how each element of a nutritional label is involved in your daily food consumption.




Nutrition Facts

Lettuce Eat the Rainbow is a program we provide that informs children & helps ensure that kids are eating a wide spectrum of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are provided by each color group.

DID YOU KNOW: 80% of school lunches in the United States exceed sugar and fats requirements for kids. This means that children are getting too much sugar & fat, and not enough nutrients that come from foods like vegetables, proteins, and carbohydrates.

– “Fruits and Veggies

This article provides benefits of fruits and vegetables, and the different ways to incorporate them into your family’s diet.


Follow Lettuce’s profile with the link provided. We provide pins on “healthier” sweets, substitutions, and ways to start your days easier. There is also kid-friendly recipes, party activities, and fun places to take family trips.


Michigan has great beaches, parks, museums, and festivals. Check out this website  to find many things to do this summer in your neck of the woods!

Together, you and your kids can print out worksheets to do, find recipes, get parenting nutrition advice, and daily health tips.


This article gives valuable advice when it comes to the do’s and don’ts of processed goods. Believe it or not, some processed foods can have a place in a healthy diet as long as we pay attention to 3 key ingredients: soda, added sugar, and fat.


This website talks about where caffeine comes from, how it works in your body, and the bad side effects it can have. Healthier alternatives for caffeinated drinks are fruit infused waters, 100% juices diluted with water, milk, and good, refreshing water. Get your kids to love the pure taste of water early on, and their bodies will thank you


This article lists six steps to take to help kids talk to their parents or favorite adult about being healthier. Together, you, your mom, and/or your dad can live better, feeling more energy to do more activities together!

School lunch can be tough. Why send your kids to school with money and risk them buying greasy pizza every day? Or pack them same boring thing for them every morning? We’ve gathered a list of some ideas for you to spice up your kid’s lunchbox this school year!

  • Peanut Butter and Jelly Apple rollups: Peanut butter, jelly, apple slices wrapped in a tortilla.
  • Cookie Cutter Sandwiches: Turn their favorite sandwich into fun shapes! (Also good if you have a picky eater who doesn’t like the crust.)
  • Breakfast for Lunch: Hard boiled eggs with mini whole grain waffles.
  • Themed lunches: For example, a finger food day. Blueberries, broccoli florets, string cheese, crackers, etc.!  (This also means less dishes to do later!)
  • Pita Pocket Sandwiches: Fill them with grilled chicken and peppers, topped with  hummus for a twist on the classic fajita.

If you’re wondering what the big deal is about eating healthy, watch this video! You and your mom or dad can watch this together and use some of the tips to make your own lives healthier.

Have you heard one of your friends at school talk about being a vegetarian? Do you know what it means? This website will help clear up some questions you may be too shy to ask them yourself. If you’re thinking about becoming a vegetarian, this article will also give you tips on how to get all the nutrients and minerals you need to stay healthy. Talk with your parents if you think you may want to try vegetarianism!

Is your kid’s birthday coming up? Are they an avid reader? Try gifting them some of these books to help kick-start an interest in health and nutrition early on, so they can carry it through their adult lives. These books are great for information, and they won’t break the bank!

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