With Halloween just around the corner, sweet temptations will come flooding in. Instead of depriving yourself entirely of that sugary goodness, try some substitutions for the candies you love and brush up on your portion control.

Transforming your favorite snacks into healthier options is a fun way to get in the kitchen this Halloween. By taking matters into your own hands and cooking from scratch, you can better control and manage what you eat. This is especially important with the holiday season coming around, meaning comfort food by the dozen. Allowing yourself to indulge just enough is one of the hardest parts of maintaining your goals, but is an essential step to a healthier you.

Another step to take to watch your nutritional intake this Halloween is to read the Nutrition Label, and to consider the portion size, of what you’re eating. Although it is tempting to grab a handful of chocolate, it is always helpful to read the Nutrition Label before you eat. This is also a great time to teach children about the importance of knowing what goes into your body.

The amount of sugar you eat should not be the scariest part of this Halloween. Below are some healthy options that will make any Halloween party a real treat. Wishing you all a safe and happy Halloween!


Vegan Low-Carb Candy Corn


Pumpkin-Carrot Bars with Cream Cheese Frosting




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