Lettuce Be Fit Agreement


By completing the contact form on the main page, I am agreeing to participate in the Lettuce Be Fit accountability program. I understand that this program is free however I will donate $.50 (50 cents) to Lettuce Live Well for every task that I miss a task in the 60-day program.  My tasks will include:

  1. To send an image of my 30 minute cardio 4 times a week. This can be an image of a treadmill, elliptical, bike equipment, a Fitbit or other exercise tracking device or pedometer, a selfie image after a completed workout dvd with details of the workout.
  2. Images of lunch and dinner which will need to include a vegetable side portion.(must be at least a cup) These images will either be sent thru email and/or uploaded to social media.

These tasks must be completed same day by midnight Mountain Standard Time.

These two tasks must be completed every day to be considered an entry. If one task is sent and not the other that will count as an incomplete (such as a lunch picture but not a dinner).  Some times there will be extra challenge activities. Any Challenge tasks in the program will be for an extra entry into raffles but will not be a part of the $.50 charge. You will be invoiced at the end of the program for your total donation amount before the raffle winner is picked.

There is only one forgiveness during the 60-day program so use it wisely.

Lettuce Live Well agrees to keep track of my entries, keep me notified of my progress with a progress report and help with task suggestions to achieve my goal. Lettuce Live Well accountability coach agrees to notify me when I have not completed my tasks. Lettuce Live Well will invoice me at the end of the program if I have any missed tasks. My invoice total will count towards a donation to Lettuce Live Well. After invoice is paid I will be able to participate in other reward programs that Lettuce Live Well offers in the future. Paying my invoice also enters me into the grand prize of $500 at the end of the program.

By completing the contact form on the website to sign up for the Lettuce Be Fit Program I agree to these terms and conditions.

*Agreed by Lettuce Live Well Accountability Coaches