Chris Michels is a engaging and approachable personal trainer with experience ranging from military body composition to physique competition. He is highly trained, with master certifications from the International Sports Science Academy and the National Council of Certified Personal trainers.

Chris found his home at Elements, where he works with clients one-on-one to develop creative training and nutrition programs. In addition to personal training and nutritional consulting, Chris runs a website dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyle choices and inspiring people to achieve their health goals. Visit him at Elements gym or check him out at 2fitfoodies.net!


“There are only a few things I am passionate about; helping people, and lifting heavy things.  Throughout my youth, I was the fat kid struggling with proper nutrition and thinking my body would never change. With the help of great mentors, self determination and losing 75 pounds, I decided to put those two things into a career.

I’ve been a certified personal trainer for 5 years ranging from corporate fitness accounts to body builders to youth fitness.  My focus throughout has always been form over force, and correcting musculature imbalances. If you can’t lift properly, there’s no sense in doing it. Let me help you, educate you, on proper form and technique so you can feel confident mentally AND physically. Lets do this as a team!”


If you like plyometrics on the beach, Protein shakes and trails running in the rain, Kyler Bradley is the personal trainer for you.  He is 22 years old and spends the majority of his free time outside doing a variety of different vigorous activities including snowboarding, mountain biking and many other adrenaline pumping sports. He emphasizes strength, balance, cardio endurance and flexibility workouts.

Kyler is happy to help you whether your goal is losing weight, increasing your bench press max or anything in between.


Hello! My name is Amy Ferritto and I’m a sophomore in the Dietetics program at Michigan State University. My passion for fitness began when I was 15 years old, and started training to teach Zumba classes at a local gym, Seung-Ni Fit Club.

I then branched out to teach Aerobic Kickboxing and Body Sculpt classes in a group setting. As well as being with Seung-Ni for 4 years, I taught briefly at the University of Michigan through their U-Move program. I strongly believe that a combination of healthy eating and regular exercise is the key to a healthy body and healthy mind!


Justin Grinnell is the Owner of State of Fitness in East Lansing, Michigan. State of Fitness opened up just five years ago and is already one of the leading training facilities in the Midwest. State of Fitness has over 400 members who train everyday under his leadership.

In addition to being a facility owner, Justin has his own blog at www.grinnelltraining.com, and has been a featured writer for over five years in the magazines Healthy & Fit and Muscle & Fitness. Justin has also written for various online publications such as Breaking Muscle and The Personal Training Development Center.

Justin has acquired over 35,000 hours of training and coaching experience in the last 13 years. He has competed in seven bodybuilding shows, powerlifting,Olympic lifting, ½ marathons, and CrossFit competitions. In 2004, Justin graduated with honors from Michigan State University where he obtained a degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science.

He currently serves on the Board of The College of Education where he has mentored over 250 students in the Kinesiology program at Michigan State University. Justin is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA).

Justin holds a level I certification through CrossFit and Precision Nutrition. Justin lives in Lansing, Michigan, with his wife, Kathleen, and two sons, Brennan and Beckett.


Megan Williams is a Certified Personal Trainer and Diet Specialist who can help you get healthy from the inside, out. Megan also created the nutritional supplement called Restless Greens, that has now been internationally distributed.

She is a mobile personal trainer that does all in-home training, and is available for big group workouts in settings like an office, your home, or anywhere else people want to get a workout in.

She has trained people from all types of backgrounds like post-surgical injuries, hip and knee replacements, top athletes, and people just looking to lose weight.

But what she’s best at is dissecting your diet and figuring out the right diet to fit your lifestyle, your family history, your current symptoms as well as any other health problems you have! Read her blog called Perseverance to learn more about her victories.


Danny Tran is the owner of Workout Buddies LLC located in East Lansing, Michigan.  Since 2013, Workout Buddies LLC has focused on helping their clients towards a healthy lifestyle change rather than a quick fix to their health and fitness.  They develop a program to meet what you want to achieve with structured and customized exercise and nutrition regimens for weight loss, muscle building, or any goal you may have!  The personal and positive environment makes for a different experience than your typical gym and training facility.

Danny has numerous hours of experience working with collegiate club teams and athletes, one-on-one with old and young individuals, lifters, runners and men and women of all fitness levels.  Danny obtained a degree from Lansing Community College in Kinesiology and Exercise Science and a degree from Michigan State University in Kinesiology. He is a certified personal trainer and yoga instructor through the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers.

Danny really enjoys seeing his clients succeed!  “There is nothing more rewarding than receiving a text or email from a client because they are seeing results in strength improvements, a lower number on the scale, or overall just more confident; whatever it is, I am always more excited for them than they are for themselves!  Their success is also my success.”

Visit www.WorkoutBuddiesLLC.com for more information.