Even though Thanksgiving has passed, it is still important to use this time of year for some reflection. We all have many things to be thankful for, especially our ability to access food and shelter. It is important to look to our fellow neighbors this time of year. Have you checked on your elderly family members recently? Old friends with bad habits? Have you considered checking up on your own health? As the year draws to a close, it is important to plan goals for the upcoming year.

Here at Lettuce Live Well, we want to promote a healthier community, by caring for our neighbors, as well as for ourselves. We hold a host of different programs to help our community learn more about their nutrition. From our local Grocery Store Tours, where we teach people to shop healthy on a budget, to our Little Lettuce Program, where we go to elementary and middle schools to teach children the importance of nutrition.  We hope that by cultivating a healthier community, we can change our eating culture little by little. Stand with us in the fight against nutritional ignorance. Whether you need to drink a little more water, or have a complete diet overhaul, we all should strive towards healthier, happier lives in these months to come.


We can’t do it alone, donate at lettucelivewell.org or on our Facebook page @LettuceLiveWell


Building Stronger Communities Through Healthier Individuals

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