With the upcoming Thanksgiving season, it is important to look around and think about what is important to you. There are many things to be thankful for, but the people in your life are what this season is all about. Remembering your family and friends, past and present is part of the importance of this season. In the upcoming weeks, take some time to reflect on how your eating habits have influenced those around you.

Promoting health within our individual circles is how we begin to cultivate a healthier community as a whole. If you or your loved ones need a change this time of year, consider our programs. Our health coaching is a great option, found online and in-person. You meet one-on-one with a health specialist to create a lifestyle to suit you. No gimmicks, and no diets or meal plans, just a person to help you meet your goals. You get your own personal diet consultant entirely free of charge. So, try to be honest with yourself this season and create a positive impact on others by becoming a healthy role model. Contact us for more information at info@lettucelivewell.org.

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