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All internships at Lettuce are tailored to help the individual succeed in their personal career path.  We strive to find team members who are not only motivated to succeed but passionate about health and changing the world.  As we expand into different towns, counties, and states, we are hiring those past interns that are qualified to come on into a paid position.  Almost all paid positions are promoted from within the organization.  If you are the passionate and self driven person discussed above, please read below to see if any of the positions could be of interest to you.  We look foward to receiving your resume and setting up an interview soon.  Have a healthy day!

Volunteer Positions

Social Media Team

  • Analyze social media data and promote Lettuce Live Well
  • Use Hootsuite to market on all social media platforms

Sales and Marketing Team

  • Network and collect donations for Lettuce programs
  • Market all Lettuce Live Well events – media and traditional
  • Market analysis and research for Lettuce Live Well
  • Find and build Lettuce stations throughout the area to promote Lettuce and serve as a location for programming

Nutritional Coaches

  • Coach individual clients in basic nutrition. Meet people where they are in their journey to better health and help them along the way.
  • All coaches receive in house and online training. Workshops and mock coaching help prepare a coach for appointments with the public.
  • This position is very independent and requires individual scheduling and discipline, while representing the company image and the image of our sponsors.

Little Lettuce League

  • Create childrens’ programming for all age groups under 18 years of age
  • Network and build relationships with local churches, schools, daycares, parks and rec, etc… Run programs with these organizations
  • Find and write grants related to childrens’ health eduation and support

Grocery Store Tour Leaders

  • Lead community members on a two hour tour around a local grocery store
  • Teach participants how to properly read nutrition labels, how to compare unit prices, discuss new and unusual produce, and how to shop healthy on a budget.
  • All leaders will be trained by our Grocery Store Team.

General Office Volunteer

  • Help with various business tasks around the office
  • Write emails, sort files, answer and make phone calls to clients or local businesses

Funding and Grants team

  • Help search for and procure grants and funding for Lettuce Live Well
  • Network to local businesses
  • Attend training sessions

Fitness Coaches

  • Teach various pre-recorded fitness classes online or live. Including but not limited to Yoga, Dance, Cardio classes or what ever your specialty
  • Create online fitness videos and/or fitness related articles

Event Coordinators

  • Plan monthly events with the community and Lettuce Live Well
  • Line up DJ, food, entertainment, location, donations, and deal with a budget
  • Reach out to local businesses to procure donations for events
  • Help to gather volunteers for the events

Community Outreach and Expansion Team

  • Research cities current health promotions
  • Collaborate a list of health related businesses, organizations, and clubs
  • Find local potential volunteers through schools, clubs, etc… and how to best reach them
  • Put together a list of fitness facilities in the area – corporate and small
  • Plan a timeline for success
  • Coordinate and attend meetings with local municipalities