Apples are known to be an all-around fruit. They can be dipped in peanut butter, combined into a fruit salad, or complemented in a dessert such as an apple pie!  But why are apples good for you and what can we tell children about apples that they may not already know? Here are a few interesting acknowledgements and fun facts about apples.

Awesome Apple Acknowledgements

Apples contain Alot of Water

Approximately 86% of apples are made up of water (Humans~60%, Infants nearly 75-78% Water)

Apples contribute Advantageous Fibers

Applying Apples to a diet can aid proper digestion and beneficial bacteria (4g fiber/small apple)

Apples connote Accessibility

Apples can be easily found in grocery stores, farmers markets, apple farms

Apples are Assortative

There are many different colors, flavors, and textures of apples (Red, Yellow, Green; Sweet, Tangy, Acidic)

Apples have Antioxidants

Antioxidants are substances that can help reduce chemical imbalances and damages to one’s health

*Approving apples as healthy choices whether as a snack or to acknowledge health benefits is important for children, adults, and elders to recognize. It has been quoted “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” although this may not be entirely accurate, the health benefits of apples are ample for children and families to apprehend.

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