Our Mission
Building Stronger Communities Through Healthier Individuals

Who We Are:

IMG_3234Lettuce Live Well (LLW) is a public charity, nonprofit organization 501 c3, established to raise awareness about the importance of nutrition.  There are many distinct aspects of the company, each playing a part in promoting healthy living through food, fitness, and lifestyle balance.  Headquartered  in East Lansing, Michigan, the organization is designed to be a nationwide source of unbiased information and inspiration.


What We Do:


A primary focus of Lettuce is to bridge gaps between residents and the existing programs provided in their respective communities. As it stands, there are a number of nutritional programs in existence nationwide, however, their benefits remain largely untapped simply because the general public is often unaware of them. 
In addition to drawing attention to existing programs, Lettuce has sought to supplement these programs by creating our own. Our organization works to disseminate unbiased information in order to promote nutritional education, metaphysical well being, and community building; due to the varying and, often, limited nutritional education offered as part of school curricula and/or households nationwide, we offer our services free of charge to the public. 
sense of belonging is an innate quality that can be seen in mankind’s striving to belong to groups, families, and/or organizations all throughout our lives. Here at Lettuce, we believe that by outlining a common goal, we can appeal to this quality by fostering a bond between community members all over the nation that will, ultimately, bring about growth at both the community and individual levels. 
It is for that reason that we have launched our health initiative, Lettuce Be Fit. This initiative focuses on making sustainable changes to nutritional and physical activity habits in order to take strides towards achieving a higher degree of holistic health. Our initiative works in tandem with our preexisting one for residents of Lansing, Michigan known as Lansing Loses A Million. As individuals and organizations from states across the country continue to join our movement, we will collectively create a sense of camaraderie, accountability, fellowship, and healthy competition.


Why We Are Doing It:

We believe that each person is unique. We have tailored our programs to meet each individual wherever they stand.  We believe that the one thing that as human beings, most all of us do everyday, is EAT!  Yet in our complicated world, it is longer food that many of consume.  We want to help people learn to distinguish between the marketing and hype of the food industry and what is actually healthy for us to consume.


Changing habits is not a 90 day project; it is a lifelong journey that starts with a step, and we are here to help support people by giving them to tools to live stronger, healthier, happier lives.

We are Building Stronger Communities Through Healthier Individuals