Imagine that you are a child again, you come home from school and all of this is presented to you! Even those with a sweet tooth or weaknesses in junk food, one cannot turn this away! This year, any family can make the effort to explore a healthier diet.  This can be captured by involving the addition of an assortment of colorful fruit that will make better alternatives to milkshakes, chips, or soda. Making health pops or yogurtsicles can be a great, creative outlet for children. Have a bunch of fruit available that can be sliced up or small enough to be placed inside of a popsicle mold which is quick, easy, and affordable. If you do not want to buy molds, you can simply use small drinking cups in your house and fill those up and add a popsicle stick in the middle of it. In these healthy pops you can use water, milk, natural juices, yogurt, any kind of liquid to your choosing for the popsicle. I personally have found that the brighter the fruits added to the popsicle, the more appetizing it looks and psychologically speaking, the better we think it tastes! This snack option can inspire children to take personal interest in healthy foods and allow for creativity in their different methods, taste palette, and interpretations in fruit choices to grow. Referencing the my plate nutrition guide, fruit and vegetables should make up half of the composition of a meal, so putting a positive popsicle spin on servings of fruit a day, for children, can make it fun and pleasing!

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