Say hello to sweet February!  Is that “Love in the air”?  Or is it just our love with chocolate?  After a full month of eating right, most of us are ready for some REAL chocolate.  Beware, Chocolate Lovers…. 4 pieces of decadent chocolate from that box of ‘love’ is approximately 220 calories.  Not bad, right?  Well before you indulge, remember it takes approximately 45 minutes of walking, or 25 minutes of jogging to burn off that chocolate.  But what about the benefits of dark chocolate? Despite potential benefits of consuming cocoa; dark, milk and white chocolates are all fairly high in calories and added fat and sugar. The American Heart Association, suggests that most Americans consume no more than 100 to 150 calories per day from added sugar.*  If you’re trying not to spread the weight this February, here are few tips to help you “spread only the love” and stay on track with your healthy weight goals.

February 2016 – It Fits Tips

  1. For Valentine’s Day, encourage those around you to send cards and/or flowers instead of candy.
  1. Focus on spending time with those you care about.  Cook a favorite ‘healthy meal’ together.  It’s a great way to stay on track with your health and weight goals and share some fun while making memories in the kitchen at the same time.
  1. Take a lunch break walk and leave the sweet tooth behind!  It will put you in a better mood and your co-workers will thank you.
  1. And lastly, if your ‘chocolate’ tooth simply gets the best of you, we suggest you treat it just like fat consumption.  A little goes a long way!!  And consider Dark Chocolate vs. Milk Chocolate.  For good reason.  It feels decadent, tastes great and has researched healthy benefits.  One small study showed participants ate less junk food after eating dark chocolate.

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