Lettuce Be Fit is is our "pay per service" employee wellness program. Through LBF we offer our health coaching, grocery store tours, group workshops, group competitions, etc. Each organization can work with Lettuce to specialize a program that will work best with their internal culture.

Costs are associated with weekly programming, calculated at roughly 25 employees; not to include incentive-based programs. This program can be negotiated separately or in conjunction with any sponsorship opportunity.

Kale Wellness - $40,000

Yearlong program 

Spinach - $20,000

Half year program

Romaine - $5,000

6 week long program

Iceberg - $250

A one session workshop e.g. a lunch and learn

Contact us for details regarding your company. Each program is tailored around the culture of your organization, the number of employees, and the goals in which your organization is trying to achieve.