What Is an Employee Wellness Program?

Simply put, an employee wellness program is an initiative that a company develops to boost employee health, engagement, and morale. Productive, happy, helpful employees are your company's biggest asset. 


Lettuce Help Your Company Thrive!

If you don't have an employee wellness program we're here to help! At Lettuce, employee health and wellness is the cornerstone of our entire business. 

Our company provides FREE onsite consultation. We tailor the program to fit your companies needs!

Get social; stay social. Lettuce wellness programs encourage participation through various social media platforms to connect people in your organization. 

Tools in our wellness kit:

  • Lunch and healthy snacks

  • Lunch and Learns

  • Employee Workshops

  • Individual Health Coaching offered both onsite and remotely

  • FitBit Collaboration

  • Discounts through Shipt!

  • Newsletter health tips 

  • Internal Team Health Challenges

  • Incentives

  • Text message reminders and updates

  • Social Media Support Groups

  • Recipe challenges


Why Obesity Matters for Businesses

Obesity has been declared an epidemic in the workplace. Obesity can cost employers more than $12 billion annually in health care costs and lost productivity. Obeseity related spends make up nearly 20 percent of all U.S. medical costs per year. 

On average, an obese employee costs an employer over $4,000 more per year in health care and related costs than an employee who is of normal weight. An obese employee has nearly double the risk of filing a short-term disability claim or a workers' compensation claim. 

  • Current adult obesity rate in Michigan is 32.3%
  • Michigan has the 10th highest prevalence of obesity in the United States
  • Cost of obesity in Michigan over 10 years is $58.8 billion (compared to normal weight/healthy population)
  • Employees with obesity experience 332,640 additional sick days


Benefits of Wellness Programs

More Productive Employees

Employees who feel good physically and mentally are less distracted and more productive. Productive employees will be more responsive and helpful to your customers. This leads to employees reaching "outstanding customer service" which every business owner desires.

Getting people to focus on the task at hand can be a tremendous benefit to your business, which comes down to breaking employees from "presenteeism". This is a syndrom where employees are at work but not invested. It's estimated that presenteesim results in 8 times less productivity. The good news is healthier employees are actually present at work.

Less Sick Days

Employess who maintain a healthy weight and exercise regularly are less likely to become ill.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that productuvity losses linked to absenteeism costs employers employers $225.8 billion annually in the United States, or $1,685 per employee.  Absenteeism is reduced by 27% in employees who maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly. 

More Cooperation

As employees get healthier, morale goes up, and that creates a culture of cooperation among your team. Healthy employees are more confident and less likely to feel threatened about their ranking at the office. 

Improved Corporate Image

When your employees lose weight and feel healthier, they create a persona for your business. As people enter your offices or see images online, they become transfixed on the vibe that being healthy creates. While the appearnce of your business will improve, so will the energy your employees convey.

Do the breakrooms at your work look like this? They could if you had Lettuce in your life to help with Employee Wellness!




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