Benefits of Buying Local

Looking for a way to support your local community and eat healthier? Try to buy in-season, local produce. When you buy produce that is created in your community, you do more than support your local growers, you support your health goals, too.

Nearby farmer’s markets allow for easy access to food right off the farm. Local produce has health benefits not seen in store-bought food. Farmers pick their produce at the peak of freshness, as opposed to produce in stores, which is harvested early for shipment. Much of the produce being sold was harvested only 24 hours beforehand! This allows for maximum nutrient content, as well as more flavorful food.

Another benefit is that the available produce varies from season to season, giving you an easy way to introduce new food to your diet. While it is very important to eat foods from all food groups, according to research done by Deakin University, “it is also important to choose a variety of foods from within each food group because different foods provide different types and amounts of key nutrients.”1 By changing up the food you eat, you can incorporate different nutrients into your diet. The inclusion of all the essential nutrients can lead to a healthier, happier whole.

Plus, it is easier to take advantage of local food than you think. To get you started, we will be posting a weekly article featuring an in-season product every week. Tune in for more information!

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